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Moll Mobilight
Moll Mobilight

Moll Mobilight

The best light for any position

While sufficient light increases the well-being clearly, the powers of concentration can weaken inadequate and cause headaches - reason enough, to care also all around the pupil's desk for good lighting conditions.
Lights should be positioned so that subjects or the child throw themselves no shades on the work area.

Mobilight: moll's sliding light

What good is an ergonomically correct desk to a child if it has to stretch to be in the light, or to hide from the shadow? None. That's why we developed our clever Mobilight. A light with clever swivel joints and a 90 degrees reflector.

The reflector keeps shadows away from the desk. Of course, the Mobilight can be fi tted for right- or left-handed people.

Thanks to the patented base, the light is easy to attach to the desk and moved as required - for the correct posture.

Dimension: 41 cm

moll - quality made in Germany! 

Please contact for stock availability and shipping cost.
Price: $370.00